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Pushkar Homestay Rajasthan
Pushkar, near Ajmer, is very sacred town for the Hindus as it is here that the famous Brahma Temple is there. It is in Pushkar every year the Animal Fair is held every year, in this month of either October or November. The dates of the fair for the next two years are 16/19 November 2002 and 05/08 November 2003. It is an Animal Fair combined with a religious fair. Millions of devout Hindus bath in the lake on “Kartik Purnima” as Pushkar is considered one of the most important places of pilgrimage for a Hindu.
Home Stay at Pushkar
A Cattle Fair is also held simultaneously here and it begins 10/15 days prior to “Kartik Purnima” which is the concluding day of the Fair. Thousands of camels, horses, buffaloes cows, goats and other animals are brought from far off places and sold to prospective buyers who too came from far off places of the hope of striking a good bargain.

There are 52 ghats for bathing around the lake along with many temples. There are excellent facilities for accommodation for tourists in Tented Camp. The devout come to Pushkar during the Fair and offer sweetmeats to the God Brahma, The Creator. It is an excellent place to visit during the Fair time, as there are a whole lot of villagers who stay in Camps also and dispose off their animals to the highest bidders. The Camp for the villagers is especially interesting because you get to see the villagers living in Camps, cooking and tending to their animals and see the children playing their innovated games. And if one wants to see the pilgrims bathing, then one has to get up at dawn before sunrise to see a sea of humanity immersed in the lake. All this is wonderful and worth a night’s stay.

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